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No Shrinking Violets Here

Shrinking is a term I often think about when discussing the condition of our lower face. Both men and women after 45 years of age begin to get the "shrinking violet syndrome." Let's face it, the muscles of our lower face shrink/atrophy just like the muscles in our bodies. It's no wonder we get a shrinking chin, sagging jowls, oh yes, those pesky marionette lines; the mouth starts to cave-in, sort of speak. I don't even want to depress you more and mention neck lines. Okay, I have had enough too!

There is a solution: NO fillers or Botox Needed

The good news is we can avoid the "shrinking violet syndrome." There is a solution: Flexaway. Use it in the morning after you brush your teeth. Apply your skin essentials and place the flexaway in your mouth and smile wide slowly, squeeze the foam cushions slowly, then go back to a smile. Every movement here encourages resistance. With the gentle resistance provided by the device, you will regain lost muscle tissue, and fill-out around your lower face again. It's that simple. Just engage with your Flexaway for 2 minutes a day. Really, no need to get Botox around your mouth area. It will just cause more muscle atrophy then you have go back and get fillers, it becomes a vicious circle. You can still use fillers with flexaway, our customers that use fillers, say that they do not have to use them as often and it cuts down on the syringes, so cost saving there. See our website, and learn about the new natural anti-aging device. To many benefits here to mention...

Warmest regards,


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