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Men, the Flexaway System® is resistance "equipment" for the most recognizable part of your body, your face.

      Look Younger!

  • If you’re already in the gym for your physique, how about your face?  We offer the only US Patented face exerciser device. Worn like a mouthguard, most men have worn mouthguards playing sports. Try the FlexAway to bring back face muscle integrity. From actors to athletes and all across the boardroom, "flexaway" for anti-aging non-invasive facial rejuvenation!

Start Today

It’s not too late to become the man you wish to see in the mirror every morning! Seeing that younger looking man in the mirror will make your whole day so much more exciting. See the independent study using Flexaway Facial Exerciser, know the results are independently proven. 

Benefits of Flexaway System® Facial Exercise Device for Men 


  • Helps Restore Facial Symmetry

  • Firm Sides of Face – Erase Jowls or Your Money Back!

  • Refirm Chin & Jaw Lines

  • Lifts Zygomatics (cheek muscles)

  • Reverse Face/Neck Atrophy and Effects of Gravity* individual results may vary

  • Maintain results for 1-2 Minutes a Day

  • Look Better in Selfies, or Just Look Better!

  • Try for 30 Days or Your Money Back. 

The Flexaway System® has been designed to accomplish safe double chin reduction in the shortest time possible, without the ruinous side effects of so many other methods. New Resistance Bands help reduce the double chin and laugh lines without waiting weeks to see results. 

 FlexAway Advanced Kit

Men's Kit

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This product is protected by two U.S. patents. © 2015 Hanna Ibes, Inc All Rights Reserved


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