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Helen 64 Years Young Avoids a Facelift With Flexaway System Resistance Device

Helen began our Flexaway program in June. See her first before photo in the earler blogs. The results are amazing. I wanted to showcase a person that lost their face muscle integrity due to hormones, aging and sun. Her skin is smoother, thicker. Flexaway also helped reduce accordion necklines. As you know aging is unkind. But we can reverse some of the aging signs just by using resistance.Thank you Helen for submitting your results. Keep up the good work!

I will showcase more photos when Helen moves on to our Flexaway Advanced, she will acheive one more level of natural anti-aging. Just by using our device once a day 5 times a week for two minutes she has avoided Surgery and needles. Best time to use after brushing teeth. FDA cleared. US Patented.

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