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Firm and Tone
Use FlexAway to Lift and Firm


Your face has a figure, in a manner of speaking, let the Flexaway System® facial exercise device get it back for you, or at the least, prevent wrinkles and atrophy. Reverse signs of aging while re-firming the lower face/neck muscles via resistance bands. Hormones and aging cause face/neck muscles to become lax and shrink: let's use resistance, when moving our face muscles, to re-firmlift and tone. Rid verticle lines above the lip too! Plus never get marionette lines or let Flexaway erase the ones you have (no need for Botox to paralyze the Angulii oris muscle.) This  FDA cleared device is the most organic and natural way to anti-aging in the marketplace right now. No electricity required. 

Double Chin

 Flexaway addresses our muscles.  Creams, serums and lasers address the dermis/skin.   Try our US patented face exerciser device. Take a selfie and see the results. Bring back face muscle integrity, the natural way, with FlexAway.  Try for 30 days or your money back.   


Our test subject (on the right) lost weight and wanted to firm the sides of her face. In the process, she also regained face/neck muscle integrity. Flexaway, erased her double chin, restored a youthful mouth, and her neck is fimed and lifted.   

To maintain results, we recommend you use Flexaway after you brush your teeth, for 1-2 minutes a day. Seeing that beautiful younger looking woman in the mirror will make your whole day so much more exciting and fun. Faster results with FlexAway than facial exercises alone.  

Flexaway System® Facial Exercise Device for Women

 FlexAway Advanced Kit

Women's Kit

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