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Women's FlexAway Kit


Get faster results than face exercises alone.  Worn like a mouthguard, you have to compress the sides of the unit: This is the only way to engage all the muscles of the lower face/neck: resistance reverses atrophy and you look younger.  When satisfied with results. Maintain results 1 minute a day, 4 times a week.  


Our Flexaway kit for women includes one Flexaway in a white carrying case, a one-year supply of tension bands and foam cushions, an instructional brochure and an organza bag.


Erases marionette lines. Prevents them too!  No need for botox, fillers, or lower facelift surgery.The resistance helps remove the wrinkles around the mouth. Reduce accordion neck lines. Bring back face muscle integrity. Selfies never looked so good.. Get 10 years back...

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