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To help you better understand the way the Flexaway, face exercise device, works, here is a medical illustration  showing muscle connectivity in the head and neck.  The powerful orbicularis oris muscle surrounding the lips serves as the hub from which the lesser muscle networks  fan out over the face and neck.

How It Works: Facial Exercise

Working the Platysma muscle, the surface muscle under the chin, helps to tighten and reduce the double chin. Using the Flexaway System® facial exerciser twice a day will help to tighten the double chin and neck area, bringing a firm and tight chin.

Eliminating a double chin is just one of the advantages of the patented Flexaway Facial Exercise System. Sculpting your face and neck area using the Flexaway gives results you can see in your entire face and neck area. See how Flexaway benefits your lips, upper cheeks, lower cheeks, eyebrows, skin and facial lines. Start today to sculpt your way to a younger looking you. Order your own personal facial exerciser today to see the results in your mirror!


Order today to find out how simple double chin exercises can help tighten your chin area and reduce your double chin!

How It Works: Neck Exercise

Face Muscles

Facial exercise should not be as rigorous as body exercise because  the multitude of tiny muscles which give the face emotional expression need to be worked gently without being overwhelmed by the more  powerful ones.  Flexaway offers gentle resistance with two levels of resisitance bands.  Get a younger looking you by reversing the effects of aging and gravity of the face/neck muscles. Or use as a preventitive! People today desire more natural solutions to anti-aging. Try now for 30 days or your money back.   


An advantage of  facial exercise over cosmetic surgery – beyond the obvious cost difference and downtime following surgery – is that the Flexaway Facial Exercise System lifts not only the cheeks but  the ENTIRE face – cheeks, eyebrows, lips and chin, everything – so you never get that unbalanced “something-is-out-of- whack” look.    Cosmetic surgery lifts ONLY  the cheeks, leaving  the eyebrows, lips and chin noticeably lower, which can over time give the face  a horse-like appearance.   And while a good facelift can be expected to last between three to five years, the Flexaway Facial Exercise System results can last for life with only a couple of months of maintenance each year.

How it Works:

Our face exercise device uses a tension band which enables it to exercise both push and pull muscles.

Flexaway System
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