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Once a customer, now the owner.
Meet Tamara, President of Flexaway System®


One winter night I was looking in the mirror and I got deflated. The sides of my face had fallen. At the corners of my lips, lines appeared, giving me a permanent frown. Loose skin covered the sides of my face and neck. How could this be? I found the Flexaway System. I was intrigued, it made sense. Plus it had 2 US patents as a Face Exerciser Device. All parts and labor were made in the USA plus it is FDA cleared as a face exerciser.


As soon as I received it, I started the exercises. I felt the muscles in my lower face and neck come alive… Friends began to ask me what creams I was using. Order your Flexaway today and slow down the effects of aging naturally.


Tamara: President of Flexaway System

“Both men and women have a medically proven alternative to dermal fillers and plastic surgery for natural anti-aging. See our before and after photos, read our stories…”


Warmest Regards,


President of Flexaway System

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