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Frontier Mom's FlexAway Make-over

Helen is a marvel. A mother of nine kids, Helen is 64 years young, she called me in the Spring.

She wanted to try FlexAway. I said, "Helen you have nothing to lose but a double chin, give it a try."

It's all about the muscles! It's really true. We use resistance equipment at the gym to firm and strengthen the muscles of our body. Why not our face? Our face has three main muscle groups and dozens of smaller muscles that give us emotional expression. Our face muscles feel much better after a work-out. And I cannot emphasize enough the benefits of increasing blood flow to the lower face and neck areas.

Helen looks great. She has been using FlexAway five days a week, and now she maintains her results. As you can see, she has no marionette lines, lifted and firmed the sides of her face. Even her neck muscles have regained definition. Now, do you still think she looks 64 years old? She wanted a natural non surgical solution to anti-aging, and FlexAway worked great for her. Let me know what you think, I'd love to hear from you. Thank you Helen for sharing your photos with us.

In the meantime, happy flexing!

Warmest regards,