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Margaret McKenzie, London, UK


I have been using the flex away system for at least three years. I decided to start using it because I notice my face was beginning to slacken. And i was getting a double chin. Almost immediately within a couple of weeks I noticed an amazing difference. My face looked more sculpted. My double chin was going. And it was so easy to use. I had never done any facial exercise. It took a while to make it part of my routine.


So I got into the habit of doing it before I brushed my teeth morning and evening which made it easier to make sure I didn’t forget to use it. I am 55 and most people think I am early 40s. Sometimes when I am dressed up I am judged to be in my late thirties. Even in department stores. When going to trial different brands I am always led to the 30s skin range. Before using the flexaway I had started to notice a little dropping around my eyes and mouth but thanks to my flexaway it’s not so much holding back the years as also holding back the wrinkles. The flexaway has given me the confidence to not worry about growing older. I do workout at the gym and the flexaway system completes my full body workout. It is absolutely amazing. And every woman who wants to look younger without surgery should have one. Very many thanks.

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