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Relax and Flex Your Facial Muscles with Flexaway System!


The Flexaway System is the first and only progressive dynamic resistance facial exerciser by Hanna Ibes, Inc that is clinically proven to lift and tone the 30 muscle groups of the face, neck, and chin, resulting in an all-natural facelift.  It holds 2 US patents and FDA registered. Made in the USA.
Why to go for the knife when the Flexaway System can lift, tone and also alleviate the symptoms of Bell’s palsy and TMJ disorder. Our valuable PABA-free, non-toxic and FDA approved cosmetic face exerciser targets the key muscles of the lower face and neck and helps you in reducing your sagging cheeks skin, jowls, accordion necklines, marionette lines and those down-turned lips positively. 
How the Flexaway System works?
Our inexpensive, safe and non-toxic face exerciser looks like a mouth-guard that athletes wear. The device is horizontally placed in the mouth between your lips, and resting the soft plastic ends in the corners of your mouth. Simply tilt your head forward, and slightly lift your chin. Now simply compress and release your mouth muscles, this is one of the best facial exercises for double chin, repeat this process 30-40 times twice a day for better results and get effective results in few days. To maintain results do exercises I minute a day three to four times a week.  
The Flexaway System offers the best exercise for double chin as it strictly works on the principle of dynamic resistance. To ensure the best results, start your exercise regimen with our effective product that is proved with the two sets of tension bands, one for the novices, and the other one for advanced levels. This way, you can have the best exercises for double chin removal for both men and women.
To better understand our product, watch the videos that are posted on our website.


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